A Greek global innovation in packaging automation

Zenon Automation SAICT participated successfully at the prestigious packaging exhibition INTERPACK in Dusseldorf in Germany between 8th– 14th May 2014. In our booth we launched in the international market the MEL System® (Modular End-of-Line).

The MEL System® (Modular End-of-Line) is a breakthrough in the design and implementation of integrated end-of-line systems. The end-of-line starts after the individual product packaging machines and continues until the shipping units (carton, multipacks, pallets etc.). It includes all the necessary intermediate functions for the finalization of the product and for its safe transportation throughout the supply chain: coding and identification, checkweighing, case packing, palletizing, stretch wrapping of the pallets, sorting etc.

MEL-System has been designed and developed by Zenon’s experienced engineers of and has already been successfully implemented at a number of multinational manufacturing companies, delivering dramatic increase in productivity, OEE and optimal utilization of existing infrastructure.

MEL System incorporates a number of important innovations:

  • Innovative design with modular approach i.e. While MEL System is an integrated system of equipment, control systems and production management software that can handle the product throughout the end-of-line operations, each of its modules can operate autonomously in the packaging line. Therefore, the client can choose to purchase any module he wishes, depending on his needs and financial resources.
  • Backbone IT System. The Backbone of the MEL System® has been developed by Zenon’s experienced software and control engineers. It provides control of the line, traceability and maximum productivity.
  • Benefits to the supply chain. MEL System provides many benefits to the supply chain, which make the product flow much easier. It allows the automatic pallet shipment and also the monitoring of pallets deliveries to warehouse operations.

You can get more information at www.zenon-robotics.com

In addition, Theodorou Automation SAICT, in its booth, exhibited the high-quality and reliable consumables LABELS RIBBONS® and introduced the new innovative product PRINT O KIT®.

PRINT O KIT® is a product that is revolutionizing the labels & ribbons market. It is an easy to handle and cost-saving package of thermal transfer labels and the suitable ribbon to print on them (perfect match in both size & material).

You can get more information at www.labels-ribbons.com