Checkweigher and X-Ray Combination Systems

The checkweighers and detectors of metal or other contaminants of METTLER TOLEDO GARVENS combine both technologies (Checkwheighing και X-Ray) in one system, suitable for applications that require high levels of protection and when optimal space utilization is vital.

While the checkweigher offers fast and highly accurate weighing, rejecting "out of tolerance" products, the X-ray system reliably detects and rejects products contaminated by foreign bodies such as glass, metal, stone and plastic.

Both systems are controlled by a touchscreen interface which simplifies and speeds up data entry, product changeovers, production quality documentation/statistics and operator training.

Products Accuracy Weighing range Throughput
XS3 AdvanCheK X-ray CombiWeigher from ± 0,1g up to 6000g max. 300