The CSN810 TableTop captures the dimensions and weight of packages and sends these data to your operational system.

Features and benefits:

  • Accurate results of weight measurements
  • Easily integrated into your existing quality control processes
  • Connection to label printers
  • Calibration over wide range of surfaces

Its modular design provides the possibility to build up customized configurations. The dimensioner itself can be installed over any table, scale or conveyor and is typically used in manual operations.


CSN810 TableTop


Specifications - CSN810 TableTop™

Accuracy ±5 mm (±0.2”)
Throughput 400 objects/hour
Object shape Rectangulars
Interfac 4-Serial (9 pin female D sub. RS232) 2 - TCP/IP 10/100 Mbs Ethernet (RJ45 female)
Software accessories OCTO™ Application software
System Accessories Legal for trade display, stand, stand with roller table and integrated scale, stand with flat table,application monitor, barcode reader, keyboard.