Smart Code includes Domino Macrojet 2 and CaseCoder, coders that have earned reputations for delivering reliable, cost effective large character coding in a wide range of industries.

 DOMINO Macrojet & CaseCoder


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A compact design with integral print head allows the CaseCoder to be mounted on many types of carton taping machines and production lines while the Macrojet 2 can drive up to four remote heads from a single base unit

Both printers use the valve-jet technology to produce consistent quality coding onto a wide variety of porous and nonporous substrates including VC, Outer cases and trays, Wood, Metal, Sacking, Extrusion and many more:

  • Sealed print head nozzles for maximum Up-Time in harsh environments
  • Compact and unobtrusive design, easily integrates into existing production facilities
  • Print single or twin line codes on a variety of substrates
  • Variety of colored inks for porous and non-porous substrates
  • Macrojet 2 print heads can operate in any orientation and up to four heads can be driven from each base unit
  • Self sealing connector makes ink replacement quick and clean
  • Up to 50 messages can be prepared, checked and stored for later user, helping to eliminate coding errors
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 DOMINO C Series


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The C-Series range of outer case coders, software and ancillaries provide sustainable solutions to meet the needs of manufacturers. Delivering increased productivity, flexibility and profitability whilst meeting the requirements of the whole supply chain.  C-Series coders eliminate the need for costly additional labeling on outer case packaging improving inventory management. Its main benefits are:  


  • Reduced set up time: Real time codes eliminating manual set up
  • Reduced rejects: Legible codes maintained by icon driven purge cycle
  • Eliminate hold ups: Products coded as they are packed/manufactured
  • Reduced errors: Cases are coded automatically on line
  • Reduced wastage: Cases are coded on line as required, no excess inventory
  • Clean Operation: Integrated, self contained ink supplies can be replaced cleanly and easily during printing
  • Compact: Easily integrated into existing production facilities
  • Consistent Performance: Robust, integrated design with minimal moving parts ensure reliability, reduced accidental damage and unplanned stoppages

The C-Series range includes:  

Standard Alphanumeric Coding (C7, C16)
High Quality Alphanumeric and Graphics (C3000+ and C6000+)
Bar Code Capable Label Replacement  (C6000+)

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Watch this video to see how Domino C-Series works in real-time: