Gargoscan dimensioning software can handle the entire data capture process. It collects, merges and sorts dimensions, weights and barcodes in a database. The software is customized to meet your operational needs as it allows easy connection with your existing IT systems.

In addition, the software features options such as remote diagnostics and dim central.

Remote Diagnostics

Our certified technicians can access the system remotely and diagnose all parts of the equipment anywhere, anytime. This is especially valuable for: 

  • diagnosing operator problems during installation
  • diagnosing failures in the system
  • collecting local data stored on the system
  • downloading software upgrades

Dim Central

The Dim Central software allows full oversight of your data capture equipment, no matter where they are located. Dim Central™ collects information every second and reports the real time data to one or more of your central PCs. If values drop below a specified limit, the operator can automatically get a message by SMS or e-mail. In addition to monitoring, Dim Central™ stores statistical data. The reports can be exported in formats such as Excel.

The supervisor screen gives an overview of the complete install base, providing a real time status for each data capture solution on:

  • status of systems
  • number of packages processed
  • number of no reads
  • number of packages not dimensioned
  • number of packages not weighted
  • and more