Domino’s C 6000+ printer is an ideal solution for pre-printed cartons, offering cost reduction and production flexibility.

It uses the technology called “Generic Carton Printing”: a method to avoid the costs associated with stockpiling an inventory of pre-printed cartons of labels while still enjoying the benefits of high-quality text and images. With high-resolution Touch Dry inkjet systems, companies can have only the basic information pre-printed on cartons and then print online 100% scannable barcodes, detailed logos and variable data such as LOT, expiry dates, etc.

Domino’s C 6000+ printer offers:

Cost Savings

  • Reduced inventories of cartons and labels
  • Facilitate of the production process
  • Large printing area for even more information

High reliability

  • Robust, compact design and stainless steel construction for optimal lifetime


  • Remote control
  • Central message store, retrieve mode and secure message backup
  • Connectivity with scale, PLC or Pc for online download of variable data
  • Scanner integration for quality control of barcodes


  • Industry leading large volume ink supply enables consumable change during printing
  • High speed head for increased throughput
  • Intelligent ink system for reliable ink delivery

Barcode printing

  • Compliance with GS1 standard
  • Traceability

Production flexibility

  • Wide variety of high resolution print head options
  • Large memory