The TLX MultiCapture is an integrated dimensioning and weighing solution that can handle everything from letters and flats, to small items and big parcels.

Features and benefits:

  • ensures high read-rate and reliable data
  • quick and easy installation due to his modular design
  • simple integration into your operating system
  • user friendly providing real-time and historical data

Packages are automatically gapped when object spacing is not maintained ensuring accurately dimensioned, weighed and identified packages. The system comes in two main versions: fully automatic or with a validation option where the operator can enter missing package data.

TLX MultiCapture


Specifications - TLX MultiCapture™

Accuracy +/-2 mm (0.07 in) Height +/- 5mm width and length
Throughput Up to 2500 objects/hour
Max belt speed 90 m/min
Object shape Regular shaped parcels/objects: CSN910 option. All shapes: CS5200 option
Object spacing Parcels require separation of 15 cm back to front for optimum throughput)
Interface FTP
Software accessories Merging, host communication, barcode validation, alibi memory
System Accessories Integrated stand, side guards, industrial monitor