Our company is an exclusive distributor of CARGOSCAN METTLER TOLEDO products for the Greek market. CARGOSCAN is a pioneer company in dimensioning and weighing systems for the transport and warehousing business.

CARGOSCAN dimensioning systems measure most sizes and heights with the highest precision in your supply chain, offering:

  • Measurement of packages dimensions and weight with minimal human involvement
  • Correct invoicing
  • Sufficient documentation to ensure good cooperation with your customers
  • Better use of the available space in the warehouse and trucks
  • Support of the pricing decisions based on actual costs
  • Quick and easy integration of the data with the ERP or WMS
  • Optimized procedures of product transporting


We offer a wide range of dimensioning solutions that cover any application needs:


Static dimensioning Static dimensioning

In-motion dimensioning In-motion dimensioning

Pallet dimensioning Pallet dimensioning

Dimensioning software Dimensioning software

If you are interested in dimensioning solutions, please fiil out the form below or call us on +30 2106690900

Contact Form - Cargoscan dimensioning Systems
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