Domino’s M-Series Print and Apply Systems provide a full range of secondary and tertiary coding solutions that can meet any industrial need.

Print & Apply systems consist of a printer and an applicator and offer:

  • printing on any surface of the package (top, side, front)
  • Sequential printing on more than one side (front and side surface, etc.)

Domino’s M-Series Print and Apply Systems offer:

Enhanced throughput

Print and Apply Systems ensure:

  • seamless integration into any production line
  • application to both moving and stationary products
  • flexibility: Full range of secondary and tertiary coding solutions, including pallet labeling systems

Reduced errors

Pallet Labeling can reduce production costs by minimizing the errors during printing. M-Series provides:

  • simple label selection by the operator
  • high resolution printing of bar codes, text and graphics ensuring supply chain compliance

Adaptability and flexibility

M-Series range of print and apply labellers can meet any coding requirement. For example:
- M-Series can apply a label with Blow, Tamp, Tamp-Blow or Wipe label application options, left and right hand variants to provide an optimal solution.
- The unique design of tamp applicator pads enables a wide range of different labels to be applied using the same applicator pad.


All M-Series models feature both USB and RS232 connections as standard. They also allow:

  • scanner integration for quality control of barcodes
  • connection to scale, PLC or PC for online downloading of variable information
  • Remote control
  • Connection to central IT systems (ERP, WMS, etc.)

Easy to Use

  • Easy ribbon and labels changes
  • Windows based interface
  • The high performance printer control unit has been designed to be combined with an informative operator interface