TSC - The Powerful Traceability Tool  for the Supply Chains of Manufacturing Companies

What is TSC?

TSC (Traceable Supply Chains) is a set of tools (hardware, software and services) that helps companies to:

(a) effectively manage the incoming products, raw and packaging materials from suppliers and

(b) monitor their consumption on the factory floor, facilitating hence full traceability.



Where is TSC applicable?

TSC is applicable:

(a) within the company, through raw materials management and labeling requirements analysis and

(b) at the suppliers’ sites, through the design and implementation of systems and processes that meet the labeling requirements set by the company.


What does TSC include?

• A Supplier Manual for the labeling of products and logistics units (cartons and pallets).

• Industrial printers for the coding and labeling of products and logistic units.

• AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) equipment, such as mobile terminals, barcode scanners, RFID readers and wireless infrastructure.

• Software for electronic record keeping and aggregation management of traceability data (production codes, LOT numbers, expiry dates, etc), if there is not any existing system in place to provide this information.



What does TSC have to offer to a manufacturing company?

• Supply Chain Traceability (-1)

• Improvement of receiving and dispatching processes

• Supplier management in terms of labeling and traceability

• Error elimination, since there is no data entry involved

• ERP update in real-time

• Compliance with EU Regulations regarding product safety and traceability