March, 06th 2008.

On March 6th, 2008 we hosted a highly anticipated event about OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). OEE measures what really matters for manufacturing companies: quality, throughput and yield.

Dr. Evangelos Theodorou gave an introductory speech on OEE and its role in performance improvement and asset utilization within a modern manufacturing company. MRM’s Peter Wilfinger presented MRM / Online OEE, an automated system for online OEE measurement, already successfully installed in manufacturing companies of all sectors (Food, Beverage, Pharma, Packaging Materials, etc).

December, 5th 2007.

The purpose of this Technology Day was to discuss with Pharma supply chain and manufacturing executives about how innovative technologies can help them combat counterfeiting challenges and build traceable and secure Pharma supply chains.

March, 20th 2007.

Another successful Technology Day on product traceability was hosted by Theodorou on March 20th in Athens. The critical issue of fruit and vegetables traceability was discussed with the visitors, most of whom were suppliers of major retail chains.

February, 21st 2007.

Our first Technology Day of 2007 was about Traceability in Packaging Materials. This is an emerging issue not only for the Packaging Materials manufacturers themselves but also for the Food & Beverage companies that work with suppliers for packaging that comes in contact with food or beverage.

‘Tracer Factory - Recalls Manager’, our solution for product traceability covers all legal requirements regarding food and packaging traceability, while being a powerful tool for manufacturing operations management and improvement.


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