What is Product Traceability?
According to ISO 22005 Standard, traceability is defined as “the ability to follow the movement of a feed or food through specified stage(s) of production, processing and distribution”. After recent food scandals and incidents, the design and implementation of traceability systems has become an important task both for businesses and consumers, who view it as a safety and quality assurance system.
How does a Traceability System work?
In practice, traceability systems are recording keeping systems that monitor the path of every product and packaging material, from raw material to finished product. In the case of an emergency event, traceability systems provide all the information required to effectively recall the suspected Lots. Electronic traceability systems act as powerful tools for manufacturing companies to meet retailer and regulation requirements, respond quickly to exceptions and crises, eliminate human error and improve product quality and production procedures.
Traceability Systems
Theodorou Automation SAICT develops and promotes the following manufacturing execution and product traceability system:

Tracer Factory logo
Tracer Factory:Manufacturing execution and product traceability system.
Traceable Supply Chains logo
Traceable Supply Chains:Supply Chain Traceability System.