Cargoscan in-motion dimensioning solutions offer high accuracy and reliability in fully automatic operations.

Features and benefit:

  • Easy handling of any product shape and size
  • High speed measurement
  • Easy installation
  • Integration with the existing operating systems (ERP, WMS, etc.)

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CSN910 FlexFlow

CSN910 FlexFlow in- motion dimensioning system

TLX MultiCapture

TLX MultiCapture in-motion dimensioning system

CSN210 MassFlow

CSN210 MassFlow in-motion dimensioning system

Object shape


Regular shaped parcels/objects

All shapes


10 000 objects/hour Up to 2500 objects/hour Up to 30 000 objects/hour

belt speed

3 m/s (591 fpm) 90 m/min Up to 1.3m/s (250 fpm)