HERMA Basic Photo

Reliable, rugged and precise with standard applications
The HERMA basic works at a speed of up to 25 m/min: this can be adjusted using the keypad and display. Its integrated controller means there is no need for an additional switch cabinet. Label sizes can be adjusted from 12x12 mm to 160x400 mm.

Versatile solution to new challenges
The HERMA basic is fitted with mounting points that are identical to those of the HERMA 500. If special applications or higher speeds are required, it is easy to switch to the more powerful applicators of the HERMA 500 family.



HERMA 500 Photo
Applicator HERMA 500 – compact, modular, servo driven. The compact labeller range with a modular system
The next-generation HERMA 500 label applicator integrates Industry 4.0 connectivity and offers a maximum speed 70 ft/minute higher than the H400. A maximum speed of 650ft/minute can be reached. It offers unparalleled connectivity and extremely flexible integration options.
Its innovative design allows users to perform maintenance and configuration actions via the web-browser while providing remote monitoring. Optional upgrades can be accessed by code activation, and the unit’s firmware is automatically upgraded via ethernet. Both left- and right- hand models are available for equipment integration.

The advantages at a glance are:

  • High precision labeling
  • Control integrated into the applicator – no separate control box is required
  • Automatic synchronization of labelling and product speeds
  • Quick set up
  • 4.3" color touchscreen
  • Dymanic speed adjustment
  • Suitable for all label sizes
  • Optimal readability
  • PLC and Ethernet connection
  • Safe operation and IP66 specifiactions
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Easy to expand

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