The CSN910 FlexFlowTM is a reliable data capture solution that automatically scans the ID and measures the length, width and height of packages transported on a conveyor.

The CSN910 FlexFlowTM is ideal for high-speed applications, ensuring :

  • accurate measuring of length, width and height
  • automatic ID of each package via barcode scanner
  • high dimensioning and read rate
  • accurate package count

The CSN910 can be installed over any type of conveyor.

CSN910 FlexFlow:


Specifications - CSN910 FlexFlow™

Accuracy +/-2mm (0.1in) height +/-5mm (0.2in) length & width
Throughput 10 000 objects/hour
Max belt speed 3 m/s (591 fpm)
Object shape Rectangulars
Object spacing None
Interface RS232 / Ethernet (TCP/IP)
Software accessories Merging, host communication, barcode validation, alibi memory
System Accessories Stand for customer site, top/side/front barcode readers, monitor, keyboard, light signal