Industrial Weigh-Price Labeling Systems (Automatic / Manual).

The modern retail environment faces pressures to reduce costs, respond quickly to changes in demand, differentiate from competition and achieve product quality and traceability. As part of the their integrated supply chains, retailers are asking processors to weigh and label their products.

In this environment, food manufacturing companies require flexible weigh-price labeling systems in order to meet customer demands and integrate with existing infrastructure (traceability systems, ERP, WMS, OEE monitoring systems, etc).

Theodorou Automation SAICT develops & supports the following Weigh-Print-Apply systems:

  Espera Weigh-Print-Apply Systems (Automatic)
Espera ES5901 Photo

Automatic Weigh-Print-Apply Systems are used for:

  • Standardized products
  • Large volume production (over 1.000-2.000 packs / day)
  • High speeds (25 - 150 packs / minute)
  • Accuracy in labeling


  Espera Weigh-Print-Apply Systems (Manual)
Espera ES2060 Photo
Manual Weigh-Print-Apply Systems are used for:
  • Low volume production
  • Slow production (up to 30 packages / minute)
  • Heavy and high sized products (over 12kg)
  • Special handling (fragile or special packaging)
  • Special labels (too large or special labels not available with automatic systems)