What is meant by the term “Manufacturing Operations Management”?
Manufacturing Operations Management (or Production Management) refers to the integrated set of functions that enables the optimization of production activities within a manufacturing company. Such operations include raw materials management, production scheduling, quality controls, product tracking and genealogy, warehouse management, intermediates management, dispatch units management, data acquisition, asset management, etc.

What does a Manufacturing Operations Management System offer to a manufacturing company?

A Manufacturing Operations Management System (Production Management System, Enterprise Production System) offers to the manufacturers the opportunity to efficiently manage their production activities. A Manufacturing Operations Management System includes:
(a) Hardware & Software Applications, that enable real-time data acquisition from the shop-floor, electronic traceability, optimal production scheduling, asset utilization to the maximum, etc. 
(b)Software Tools, that enable the integration / synchronization between business and shop floor systems and the intelligent visualization of production data in the context of every different role within the company.

Manufacturing Operations Management Systems
Theodorou Automation SAICT develops and promotes the following Manufacturing Operations Management Systems:
iFactory logo
iFactory: Integrated suite of solutions for the management of production  processes, consisting of the following systems:
Tracer Factory logo
Tracer Factory: MES (Manufacturing Execution System) for production monitoring and product traceability.