The CSN210 MassFlow is an integrated dimensioning and weighing solution for items of any shape moving on a conveyor.

The system uses cutting-edge PILAR® technology to measure items of any shape moving on a conveyor.

The CSN210 MassFlow is the most advanced dimensioning and weighing solution in the Mettler Toledo portfolio providing:

  • Accurate measurement of almost any object
  • Accurate Measurement of non-singulated and touching objects
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reduced maintenance cost because of the remote monitoring system
  • Measurement of Items hidden in the shadow of another object


Specifications CSN210 MassFlow

Accuracy +/-5 mm
Max object size
(l x w x h)
2500 x 1980 x 920 mm
Min object size
(l x w x h)
50 x 50 x 25 mm
Throughput Up to 30 000 objects/hour
Max belt speed 1.3m/s (250 fpm)
Object shape All shapes
Object spacing None required. Suitable for mass flow.
Interface RS232 / Ethernet
Software accessories OCTO™ DataCapture Software
System Accessories Scale, stand, barcode readers, monitor, keyboard, light signal, alibi memory and many more.