Integrated Suite of Solutions for the Management of Manufacturing Operations.

What is iFactory?

iFactory is an integrated set of tools and applications, enabling:

• Decision support based on reliable data collected in real-time from the factory floor
• Synchronization between business and shop floor systems
• Asset utilization, productivity improvement and cost reduction 
• Compliance with European regulations for product safety, quality and traceability 
• Real-time performance visibility 
• Quick response to unplanned events

What are the basic functions of iFactory?

Execution & Traceability: Execution and monitoring of production processes in real-time.

Asset Utilization: Real-time ΟΕΕ (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) measurement.

Integration: Harmonization of information flow between business systems (ERP, WMS, SCM, etc) and automation & control systems (MES, SCADA, etc).

Intelligence: Real-time data collection, analysis and visualization in the context of every different role.

What systems does iFactory include?

Tracer Factory
Tracer factory logo
Tracer Factory: MES (Manufacturing Execution System) for production monitoring and product traceability, including modules such as:
• Coding & Labeling
• Track & Trace
• Production Scheduling
• Data Acquisition
• Receiving/Dispatch Units Management
• Recall Management