Garvens XC CheckweigherThe XC series of GARVENS is a highly reliable dynamic weighing solution for simple weighing applications. It ensures cost saving without compromising on quality and performance.

The XC series is ideal for dynamic weighing of products up to 6000g with accuracy from ± 0.5g and a maximum throughput of 600 ppm. All models have a particularly compact design and small footprint which makes them perfect for applications where space is a premium, and allows simple integration into your existing production line.

The XC series consists of four outstanding checkweighing solutions, and now offers models with improved accuracy, increased throughput, and higher weighing ranges:


  Accuracy Weighing range Throughput
XC from +/- 0.5g up to 3.000g up to 100 ppm
XC Plus
Increased Throughput
from +/- 0.5g up to 3.000g up to 200 ppm
XC Heavy
Higher Weighing Range
from +/- 0.5g up to 6.000g up to 125 ppm
Harsh environment
from +/- 0.5g up to 6.000g up to 200 ppm


Features and Benefits
Statistical program and printer: All models ensure compliance with standards for tolerances (weight tolerance). The statistic data can be printed either manually or automatically at specified intervals or transferred via USB stick. The XC series ensures time saving by creating reports of production data documentation.
Service-Friendly The compact design of the systems allows easy access to the electromechanical parts and easy integration with other systems, ensuring easy maintenance and operation.
Automatic recognition of product length and control of conveyor speed: The length of the product is calculated through the sensors and the conveyor speed. Deviations are detected on time and the weighing process is adjusted automatically, ensuring accuracy of measurements and reducing errors.
Fully adjustable height and direction of transport: The checkweigher can be adjusted to changing production requirements and integrated easily with the existing production line, reducing installation time and costs.