What is Coding?
Coding allows products to be identified with information about their production (e.g. expiry dates, LOT numbers, etc) and their transportation (e.g. weight, quantity, name, etc). Through coding, every product is given a unique dynamic “ID” that stays with it through the supply chain. Proper coding is of major importance for a successful traceability system, since it includes the information needed for targeted product recalls.
How does Coding work?
Coding is done with the use of printers especially designed for industrial environments. Various printing technologies (inkjet, thermal transfer, laser) are employed whether it is primary (item), secondary (pack, carton) or tertiary (pallet) coding. There are two types of printing: (a) directly onto the packaging and (b) on labels that are applied, manually or automatically, on packaging. Printed information can be either human-identifiable (LOT numbers, expiry dates, etc) or machine-identifiable (Barcodes EAN 13, ΕΑΝ 128, 2D, SSCC, RFID, etc).

Coding & Identification Solutions
Theodorou Automation SAICT offers the following coding & Identification solutions:

Smart Code logo
Smart Code: System for the printing of variable data (e.g. ‘best before’ days, LOT numbers, barcodes, etc) onto products, packs, cartons and pallets.
Labels Ribbons logo
Labels Ribbons: Consumables (labels and ribbon) for thermal printers.
Espera logo
Weigh-Print-Apply: Weigh-price labeling systems (automatic & manual
HERMA logo
Herma Labelers: Automatic Label Applicators.