Production Monitoring and Product Traceability System


Theodorou Automation SAICT, with 20 years of experience in the field of coding and identification systems, was the first Greek company to design and develop a traceability system in 2003-2004. Today, Tracer Factory has been successfully installed in many Food, Beverage and Pharma manufacturing companies.

What is Tracer Factory?

Tracer Factory is an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) especially designed to meet traceability requirements of manufacturing companies. It is a scalable and easy-to-install and operate system and has been successfully applied in every industrial sector.

Based on integration standards such as ISA-95, it bridges the gap between business and shop-floor systems, delivering meaningful real-time information both to decision makers and operators. Tracer Factory is a valuable tool for the steering of your manufacturing operations to improved efficiency and profitability.


Basic Functions

  • Item / Carton / Pallet coding and labeling
  • Track & Trace
  • Scheduling
  • Performance Measurement
  • Knowledge Management
  • Exceptions Management


Tracer Factory is an open architecture system with a wide range of connectivity options. By using industrial standards (ISA-95, ISA-88) and modern communication technologies (EDI, OPC server, etc), it is capable of exchanging real-time information with PLCs, SCADA systems, quality control systems, online coding & identification systems, weigh systems, warehouse management systems, ERPs, etc.

Why Tracer Factory?

Comply with EU regulations and laws
Tracer Factory fully complies with European regulations 178/2002 (food safety and traceability) and 1935/2004 (packaging materials traceability).

Meet customer requirements
Tracer Factory helps you respond quickly in the case of a defective product or material and provides reliable information to customers and suppliers.

Improve productivity

With Tracer Factory, you can…

  • Reduce paperwork and prevent human errors.
  • Reduce costs through targeted recalls at the LOT level.
  • Gain real-time visibility at inventory levels and positions.
  • Efficiently manage your resources for optimal production scheduling.
  • Support your decisions through real-time access to production data.
  • Reduce receiving and dispatching times.
  • Respond quickly to urgent customer requests and production exceptions.

Risk Management

With Tracer Factory, you can…

  • Protect your corporate and brands reputation.
  • Effectively manage production exceptions (product recalls, urgent customer requests, etc).
  • Support your enterprise’s claims on product safety.
  • Comply with European regulations for traceability.
  • Combat counterfeiting.

Competitive Advantages

Tracer Factory…

  • Is developed by Theodorou Automation, a company with more than 20 years of experience in industrial coding.
  • Has been successfully applied in all kinds of manufacturing companies, regardless of sector and scale.
  • Is designed based on usability standards, being user-friendly and intuitive both to the management and operators.
  • Is harmonically integrated with your existing systems.
  • Provides reliable real-time information about “what really happened on the shop-floor”.

Successful Installations

Theodorou Automation has successfully installed Tracer Factory in many Greek Food & Beverage manufacturing companies including Oil & Fats, Tomato, Sea Food, Animal Feeds, Bakery products, Agricultural products, etc.

Also, there is growing concern about traceability in the Packaging Materials sector. According to the European Directive 1935/2004 article 17, all materials (paper, plastic, metal, glass, etc) that come in direct contact with food must be traceable. Tracer Factory is successfully installed in Packaging companies meeting the above requirements.

Considering the internal (productivity, error and cost reduction) and external (regulations, customers) requirements met by a Tracer Factory implementation, ROI is less than one year.