In-line Checkweighing and Product Inspection

These systems combine in-line checkweighing and detection of metal and other contaminants and offer reliability and easy integration.

These combined systems are ideal for applications that require high levels of protection and when optimal space utilization is vital. Their “modular” design allows easy integration in any production line and fully customized solutions.

Mettler Toledo metal detectors provide maximum metal detection sensitivity, while the x-ray systems provide integrated control and can detect contaminants such as metal, glass, stone, plastic, etc.

METTLER TOLEDO GARVENS specializes in fast and precise product handling and offers solutions that combine:

  • Dynamic checkweighing and metal detection (Checkweigher & Metal Detector)
  • Dynamic checkweighing and metal detection or detection of other contaminants (Checkweigher & X-Ray)

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Systems Description
Checkweigher and Metal Detector Combination Systems.
Checkweigher and X-Ray Combination Systems